Outdoor Teak Furniture Restoration


There is a certain Vimanmek Mansion in Bangkok, Thailand.  It was re-assembled in 1901 and made completely out of teakwood!  Though once abandoned in 1935, as recently as 1982 it was again reconstructed and is now a tourist attraction, being the largest golden teak building in the world!  Imagine living in a house made entirely of teakwood, a tropical hardwood tree of the Verbenaceae family, that can be as durable as it is beautiful. 

Teak can be found in southern Asia and can grow as high as 40 meters tall.  Teakwood is organized into into three specific parts: common teakwood, dahat teakwood and Philippine teakwood.  It is when teak is used to make contemporary furniture that the quality of the wood really shows.  A good piece of teakwood, provided it is taken care of, can be resistant to drastic weather changes.  Teak also has natural oils that help fight off weather damage even in outdoor areas.  Where is the best teakwood found?  The best quality wood is taken from natural forests after the trees have aged for some good time.  This gives the wood a harder quality, while younger trees have the tendency to split or be more easily damaged by water and rain. 

Outdoor Teak Furniture Restoration and Teakwood Sales

There are some products and services out there who base their entire business on outdoor teak furniture restoration.  What kind of problems can teak furniture owners encounter?  Teak is highly vulnerable to water damage, especially for early cut trees.  They are also vulnerable to sun damage, dust, mildew and extreme temperatures.  Teak specialists might treat the wood with sealer which can help prevent serious water damage.  Even some newly cut trees have been improved with the use of powerful teak sealer.  If someone neglects their teak collection then the quality of the wood could suffer, and cause noticeable flaws like furniture cracking, oxidizing or drying.  However, with proper treatment and restoration even teakwood grown outside of the forest can still be made to look like the highest quality.

In addition to outdoor teak furniture restoration there is also teak wholesale furniture to look into.  In years past, it may have been difficult to find teak outdoor patio furniture in your local area.  However, ordering teak products has never been easier than in modern times thanks to online shopping and convenient home delivery.  Teakwood makes excellent furniture pieces whether you are looking for an outdoor chaise lounge, teak benches or a teak table.  You may not be able to afford building your own Vimanmek Mansion, but you can still fill your home with teakwood sofas and chairs, columns and patio furniture made with this very attractive natural resource. 

Now is the time to buy teak, as the wood is regaining some of the popularity it enjoyed in the 1950's era.  It remains one of the most often requested types of vintage furniture collected throughout the world.