Teak Furniture Restoration Home


What is teakwood and is why is teakwood furniture such a special investment?  Teak is a genus of tropical hardwood trees of the Verbenaceae family.  It can be found in southern Asia and can grow up to 40 meters tall.  These types of trees lose their leaves in the dry season.  Teakwood can be categorized into three parts: common teak, widely distributed in India, Dahat teak which is found in Myanmar and Philippine teak, found in the Philippines.

Teak furniture is often used in the making of outdoor furniture.  One quality that makes teakwood unique is that, in its healthiest state, it is weather resistant.  Teak is also easily worked and has natural oil that allows the wood to be worked with even in exposed locations.  The best quality teak comes from old trees that have grown slowly in natural forests.  In these cases, the teakwood is harder and more durable.  On the other hand, teakwood that has been taken from very young trees has the tendency to split or to discolor due to water damage.  Teakwood is also a wood known to be exceptionally resistant to termites.

Working With Teak Furniture Restoration Homes:

There are many companies who specialize in working with teak furniture.  Besides splitting or water damage, teakwood can be prone to wear, weather damage (for early-cut trees) sun damage, dust, mildew and other flaws that affect the quality of the wood.  Some of these teak furniture restoration homes treat the teak wood with special sealer, which can help protect even young teakwood from water damage.  If you want your teak sofa and teak chairs to shine their best, continue to treat your furniture.  You can keep it looking new and provide longterm protection against all sorts of year round weather dangers.  The failure to take care of teakwood could result in the furniture cracking, drying or oxidizing.  Three of teakwood's deadliest natural enemies are the sun, extreme temperatures and excessive moisture. With proper treatment however, even teak grown out of the natural forest and can be kept to near the quality of old water-resistant teakwood. 

Not only are there teakwood antique restoration services available online, you can also find teakwood discount furniture for convenient home delivery.  Whether you're looking for teak modern furniture or outdoor furniture patio pieces, teakwood makes a beautiful contribution to a home.  Some popular designs for teak include doors and window frames, sofas and chairs and columns.  Teak is increasing in popularity in the modern age and remains one of the most searched-for kinds of vintage furniture.  If you are looking for genuine teak furniture or teakwood restoration services then you won't have to look far.  Teak remains one of the most beautiful specimens of tree in all the world!