Vintage Teak Furniture Restoration


What better way to decorate your living room or patio with vintage wood furniture?  Reliving the past in your modern day home is a great way to keep memories alive.  Teak is one of the most popular and sought-after woods, having first earned popularity in the mid-20th century and only recently experiencing an renewed interest from nature enthusiasts. 

Teak is a genus of tropical hardwood trees and comes from the Verbenaceae family.  These trees grow naturally in southern Asia and can reach heights of up to 40 meters.  These trees are known to be deciduous, meaning that they lose their leaves in the dry season.  If you are dealing with teak then you may be looking at one of three varieties: Tectona grandis which is the most common type and distributed in India.  Tectona hamiltoniana, which is found in Myanmar and Tectona philippinensis, which is in the Philippines region.  In the case of the latter two, the species is known to be endemic, meaning that it is unique to the region and found nowhere else.

Given its high quality and hard substance, teak is often used to make furniture.  When an aged tree is cut, it is easier to work with and far more durable than a tree that was cut too early.  Teakwood, when it has been treated, can be resistant against rough weather changes.  The tree gives off a natural oil that lets the wood be more easily crafted and survive in outdoor conditions.  The teak tree wood also has been shown to be resistant to termites, a problem often encountered when using more common types of wood.  However, newly cut trees have a natural tendency to split or undergo noticeable water damage. 

Taking Care of Vintage Teak Furniture Restorations

Some companies commit themselves to vintage teak furniture restoration.  Teakwood, particularly if the trees were not grown in their natural habitat or if they were early-cut, should receive regular sanding, cleaning and finishing in order to protect the teakwood from oxidation and water damage.  What kind of conditions can leave vintage teakwood open to damage?  Weather, including hot or cold temperatures and heavy sunlight, along with mildew and dust can be contributing factors.  Mildew can accumulate based on rain water or other water damage, and the furniture could even crack or dry up.

Vintage teak furniture restoration may apply special sealer to the antique furniture that can protect against heavy water damage and other risks.  Antique restoration can treat your teak cabinet, teak chairs, dining furniture and bed furniture, along with other teak vintage items. 

Teakwood is one of the most desirable pieces of collectible furniture you can search for today.  A mature teakwood is the most expensive buy, as this wood has proven durability and can be made into some very functional and weather-resistant furniture pieces.  See the beauty of a vintage teak piece and know the difference.