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What is teakwood and is why is teakwood furniture such a special investment? Teak is a genus of tropical hardwood trees of the Verbenaceae family. It can be found in southern Asia and can grow up to 40 meters tall.



There is a certain Vimanmek Mansion in Bangkok, Thailand.  It was re-assembled in 1901 and made completely out of teakwood!  Though once abandoned in 1935, as recently as 1982 it was again reconstructed and is now a tourist attraction, being the largest golden teak building in the world!



What better way to decorate your living room or patio with vintage wood furniture?  Reliving the past in your modern day home is a great way to keep memories alive. Teak is one of the most popular and sought-after woods, having first earned popularity in the mid-20th century and only recently experiencing an renewed interest from nature enthusiasts. 



Creating furniture from teakwood is not a smooth process, at least not until the teak finishing is applied.  Most teak furniture is naturally finished, meaning that the teakwood is sanded down to a smooth feel with fine grit sandpaper.



Teakwood furniture is some of the most beautiful vintage types of furniture collectors and aesthetically-inclined homeowners can find. These trees from southern Asia can grow as high as 40 meters tall and offer sturdy, durable wood that can be easily worked into finely crafted pieces.